Honda Skydeck Concept: Scissor, Sliding Doors Reveal Ikea-Like Interior

Illustration for article titled Honda Skydeck Concept: Scissor, Sliding Doors Reveal Ikea-Like Interior

In addition to the production-intent CR-Z concept, Honda's bringing a minivan concept to the Tokyo Motor Show called the Honda Skydeck. With gimmicks galore like sliding and scissor doors, the coolest thing's the interior. Take a gander above or below.


The Skydeck's obviously a hybrid. We mean, come on, this is a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show. But the story's not in the powertrain or the exterior design — this is a people moving concept car after all. No, the interior's the thing here. So pull off those sliding and scissoring doors and let's look at a passenger cabin that looks like what would happen if Ikea designed a car interior entirely out of balsa wood and pieces of ASIMO. Still, there's a certain beauty to the uber-minimalist interior and its center-mounted stackable floating seats for easier access to the third row. Passengers can then soak up the sun through the breathtaking all-glass roof, or just sit back and relax.

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Ash78, voting early and often

For me, Aeron-style mesh seats in a car would be the single greatest automotive comfort invention in history.

Even in the middle of winter, I arrive at my destination with my underwear and undershirt stuck to my hindquarters. I gotsta breathe!