Honda Sales up 4.7% for November, No One Wants an Acura for Hanukkah

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American Honda Motor Company reported record November sales of 111,431 Honda and Acuras, up 4.7% over the previous year. With the exception of the Accord Hybrid and S2000, all Honda models posted increases, including a 25.2% increase for the new Accord and a 106.0% increase for the Fit. On the other hand, Acura sold only 12,910 vehicles, down 24.9% from the previous November. This isn't surprising given newer models from Infiniti and increased competition from Cadillac. Also, there aren't enough commercials of people buying TSX's with bows on the roof. The full details below the jump:

American Honda November Sales Up 4.7 Percent to New Record

American Honda Motor Co., Inc., posted record November sales of 111,431 Honda and Acura vehicles, up 4.7 percent*, surpassing the previous November 2006 record of 106,446, the company announced today.

American Honda year-to-date sales increased 2.7 percent* to 1,419,750. Honda Division year-to-date sales increased 4.8 percent to 1,257,228.

Honda Division posted record November sales of 98,521, up 10.4 percent compared to last year. November records for individual models included the CR-V with sales of 16,498, up 1.6 percent, and the Fit, with sales of 5,361, up 106.0 percent for the month. Sales of the all-new Accord increased 25.2 percent to 28,161. Sales of the Civic increased 24.8 percent to 25,141; the Civic Hybrid increased 46.6 percent to 3,238.


"Even In these uncertain times, our bread-and-butter products are showing real growth," said Dick Colliver, executive vice president of American Honda. "The all-new Accord continues to set a blistering pace with sales up by more than 25 percent."

Acura Division posted sales of 12,910 for November. The MDX sport utility vehicle led the division with sales of 4,891. November sales of the TL performance luxury sedan totaled 4,064; the TSX sports sedan totaled 1,884. Sales of the RDX sport utility vehicle totaled 1,679.

*The daily selling rate (DSR) is calculated with 25 days for November 2007 and 25 days for November 2006. Year to date, the DSR is calculated with 281 days for 2007, versus 280 days for 2006. All percentages reflect DSR. [Source: Honda]

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@Al Navarro: Honda has way too much invested in Acura to shut them down right now. It would cost Honda plenty, just in legal fees alone, to give up on the brand. Most of the legal problems will come from the dealer body, in which they have invested in stand alone showrooms and service facilities for the Acura Brand. Most are too close to other Honda Stores (especially here in the Northeast) to consolidate.

Anyway, the RL isn't cutting it, but I think there's a new TL on the way (It shares the Accord platform and is built in the US only), and there should be a new TSX (the European Accord). There should also be a new Acura Sports Car, or Sports Coupe as well, a Honda that's not distributed within the US and Canada.