Hot Wheels' 40th anniversary is upon us and to celebrate Mattel, parent company of Hot Wheels, arranged the "Hot Wheels Designer's Challenge." This challenge gave a handful of big name car manufacturers like Honda, Lotus and Mitsubishi the opportunity to design a crazy ass Hot Wheels car. Honda decided to go above and beyond crazy with it's Honda Racer, which looks like something Speed Racer drives in his nightmares.

The inspiration behind the Honda Racer came from a combination of "Honda's racing heritage with Hot Wheels' reputation for speed, power, performance and attitude," according to Guillermo Gonzalez, a senior designer at Honda R&D Americas.

The motor in this racer is a ridiculous 20-Liter VTEC V10 (that's a two-liter of Pepsi per cylinder) inspired by the 1967 Honda F1. This only makes us ponder what would happen if Honda put this kind of imagination into its real conceptual car design. [Nihon Car]