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Honda showed off a new Fit that only travels 100 miles, tops out at 90 mph and will likely be slower than the current version when it goes on sale in 2012. Also, it's electric powered, so there's that.


Thirteen years after unveiling its first EV in L.A., Honda says the world has finally caught up. The production electric Fit that goes to the United States and Europe in 2012 will sport the three-mode driving system from the CR-Z hybrid and software that "trains" drivers to use as little energy as possible.<\/p>

Honda will also supply a charging system that will be able to alert an owner to the vehicle's remaining energy wherever the holder is, with or without an internet connection. <\/p>


Takanobu Ito, Honda president and CEO, said the new Fit would still be fun to drive, but that "ultimately we must use no petroleum." <\/p>

Photos by: Nick McGlynn<\/a><\/p>

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