Honda Imagines This Lifted Tuner Car As Their Flagship In China

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This is the 2015 Honda D Concept, which Honda says “shows the direction of a mass-production SUV model” they’re already working on exclusively for China. Looks straight out of the now-defunct import tuner mags I used to read in high school, and actually kind of awesome.

Honda’s official spec sheet for this vehicle is laughably short (“equipped with advanced safety technologies and other advanced features!”) but they are promising “a Concept D-based SUV model will go on sale from both Guangqi Honda and Dongfeng Honda, positioned as a new flagship model of Honda in China.”


Now I get to write “is China ready for the D or what!?” (Pause for laughter).

But seriously, I’m into this. Full disclosure: I liked the Accord Crosstour and Acura ZDX too. What do you think?

Images via Honda

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