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Honda FCEV Concept Previews Magic Fuel Cell Car No One Will Drive

Illustration for article titled Honda FCEV Concept Previews Magic Fuel Cell Car No One Will Drive

Oh hey look, another fuel cell car is on its way from Honda! That should be exciting news for the two dozen people who enjoy the FCX Clarity on a daily basis. Neat-o!


Honda says this exciting fuel cell car, which no one will actually ever drive, will be previewed by this design — the FCEV Concept, which is headed to the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. Expect the final design to be more like a car and less like a bunch of colorful paint slapped all over a canvas.


Not that it matters, because no one will ever drive it.

Don't believe me, or the common sense notion that fuel cells are a magical technology that only exists in your imagination? Fine. Then Honda's own press release for the FCEV Concept also fails to be encouraging about their leadership in this non-viable field:

Honda was also the first manufacturer to put a fuel-cell electric vehicle in the hands of an individual retail consumer in 2005. Today, around two dozen customers are driving the FCX Clarity – enjoying the benefits of driving this advanced technology vehicle, while also contributing valuable experience, helping Honda to advance fuel-cell technology for the future.

Well, good for those two dozen people. Maybe Honda can hit two-and-a-half dozen if the FCEV goes into production!

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Huell Howitzer

So how much of your money is in XOM and TSLA, Patrick?