Honda CR-Z Coming To America In 2010

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Honda's all-new sporty hybrid will officially be called the Honda CR-Z and will go on sale in the U.S. in 2010.

Honda sources announced today their decision, confirming a rumor we've previously reported. Details are scarce, but it's safe to assume it will draw some inspiration from the Honda CR-Z concept car, which is a CRX-style three-door hatch, and feature a hybrid system similar to the one found in the current range of Honda hybrids.


We're just hoping the "sporty" in "sporty hybrid" extends beyond the bodywork and you know, into the powertrain.

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This is an absolutely gorgeous front end. Whoever penned this number, needs to talk to the guys at Acura, and give them a clue. I'd take a look at this, if it had satisfactory driving involvement.

My advice to Honda: remember, you made it to the bigtime with small, fun efficient cars. Don't flake out now, when we need you the most.