Honda Busts Out Programming Skilz In New Insight Ad

With a starting price of $19,800, the new Honda Insight practically sells itself, but in case people in the hybrid market were on the fence, Honda used its Insights for this clever matrix-animated ad.

Titled "Let It Shine" and set to the tune "This Little Light Of Mine", the ad uses a huge field of Honda Insights, all hooked together in an array and using their headlights for some old-fashioned pixel animation. Ah, it takes us back to the good old days, putting together Q-BASIC animation programs on green-screened Zenith terminals for math class. Yes, nerds do grow up. Needless to say we like this ad, it strikes the right balance of whimsy and preachy, which is to say more of the former and less of the latter. In fact, it's better watched with the sound off. [via The Daily What]


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After watching that commercial, bzr's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then the true meaning of Christmas came through, and bzr found the strength of ten bzrs plus two.