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Funny story. We had a tech snafu in the Paris auto show press room this afternoon. Apparently, Gawker ended up on some kind of banned-site list, which turned our online posting page into the Web 2.0 equivalent of the Great Wall of China, and we a trio of ersatz Mongols. (Don't get too excited, CNN wound up blocked, too). It turned out ok because we had time to check out the new hot hatchness over at Honda. The company unveiled the Civic Type R, the UK-built king of Honda's Civic tri-doors (we turn to our friends at World Car Fans, to whose photographic skills we humbly bow, for more extensive action), along with its racing equivalent (pictured). Honda also showed off the new Type S, whose suspension mechanicals form the basis for the Type R, and the Civic Hybrid Sports concept, which shows what can be done when SEMA meets Greenpeace. Beautiful music, indeed. And lest we forget, the homely but practical CRV. May we live in interesting times. [Gallery]

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