Homemade Tilting Electric Car Built For $500

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The homemade Balanced-Over-Batteries car works like a skateboard tilting its chassis when it steers. The electric car's batteries are slung underneath the cockpit as counterweights and the whole thing leans 45 degrees. Oh, and it was built for only $500.


The B.O.B. is built predominately from found and reused components - the front and rear differentials come from Pintos, the brakes are old Yamaha bike units and the twisting/steering mechanism comes from a helicopter's tail rotor gearbox.

Each differential is connected to two motors, one for each wheel, while the vehicle mimics the action of a two-speed gearbox by switching voltage between 36 and 72 volts.

Retired auto mechanic Robert Lange built all this in his backyard and, once he figures out the time investment, reckons he spent less than $500 on the whole thing. [via Diseno-Art]


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