Homebuilt Geo Metro limo already in Rapture

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We see more than our fair share of weird cars around these parts, and one might think that familiarity would jade us. Then you see a Geo Metro stretched like a bad furnace repair and your heart goes aflutter.

Caught by Jalopnik reader Louis near Seattle, this car could spark an entire master's thesis in engineering and philosophy. How do the rear brakes connect? Does it have a Cobb shifter? Is the silver exterior there to keep a giant tank of coffee warm? Why in the name of all that is good and holy did someone need an automotive answer to the dachshund?

If you or someone you know owns this car and can explain its origins, get in touch with us. And to the owner, we ask: Please, when driving down the interstate in your venti Metro, don't let it fall apart and kill you.

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Cool Metro, bro.

Also, if I hear one more reference to this stupid rapture crap, I'm going to punch a kitten.