Holy Shit Watch This Trailer For Charlize Theron's New Kickass Movie Atomic Blonde

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Charlize Theron has been a Jalopnik fixture for awhile now, showing up in good and great movies including The Italian Job reboot, Mad Max: Fury Road, and this year’s The Fate of the Furious, where she plays a super no good cyber hacking person who turns cars into zombies. But the first trailer for her other action move this year, Atomic Blonde, kicks so much more ass.


This is indeed an R-rated trailer for an R-rated movie, if that matters. Check it out:

Atomic Blonde is set during the Cold War with Theron playing an undercover MI6 agent, and is produced by Theron and directed by David Leitch, who co-directed the two fantastic John Wick movies and is moving on to direct the very exciting Deadpool sequel. Judging from John Wick and now this trailer, that Deadpool sequel is looking better and better.

But what about Charlize Theron! It is very, very rare we get an action movie with a female lead—especially one where the female lead takes hits and kicks just as much ass as her male counterparts. Not only does Atomic Blonde seem to cure all of this, but it looks like Theron’s character could kick just about anybody’s ass.

And for those of you about to scream on the Jalopnik Facebook page about cars, the ‘contact’ in the movie drives a 911 Turbo and there’s what I believe is an old Audi sedan flipping over a concrete barrier in slow motion, for starters.

So we got car action, we got Charlize Theron absolutely destroying everybody and everything, and a production team behind some of the best action movies in recent memory. Atomic Blonde is going to be a very, very good time when it hits theaters this July.

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Not a turbo as it’s not a wide body. But it does have a turbo tail, so it’s a little misleading. Looks to be a 90 or 91 964. I’ll leave now.