These days, you can't just put a few crappy pictures of your car on Craigslist if you want to sell it. You have to get creative, and maybe even a little ridiculous.

Take this intrepid fellow in Winchester, Virginia. He recently picked up a 1995 Eagle Talon on the cheap and is now looking to sell it or part it out for whatever reason. While he could post pics of his ratty American-Japanese performance machine, he decided instead to make one of the more amusing ads I've seen in a while.


"Very few things on the face of this planet will make your white-suburbia self as irresistible to the elusive yellow tail female (Ed. note: What?) as what you are about to encounter," he writes.

He goes on to say how easily this "glistening pile of sheep poop" can be made into a machine that can terrorize "white suburbia" that can score tons of "yellow tail sushi." He mentions sushi a lot. I don't think he's talking about fish.


At any rate, this "name a price" ad features some interesting parts from an abandoned project car, including pistons, a turbo and turbo manifold, an intercooler and a fuel pump. In the right hands, it could be turned into something quite fun.

Anybody wanna go for it? Surely there are white suburbia neighborhoods that need terrorizing, and this could be the car to do it.


Hat tip to SSiCB!