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The California Highway Patrol just ran down a big ass stolen Freightliner truck carrying an empty container (trash dumpster?) For those of you who didn't watch it live with us... it was some GTA IRL shit.

As of 5:33 PM EST.

Apparently the chase started at around 1 PM Pacific Time today about 50 miles east of downtown Los Angeles. An Ontario, CA police officer pulled the truck over, but when the officer was out of his vehicle the trucker tried to run him down and then ran for it.


Nobody seems to know what the driver's motivations are, or whether or not the truck was stolen.

Cops haven't been able to spin him out with their Crown Vics (no shit), and the truck has even evaded at least one spike strip so far. Looks like rampaging big trucks are harder to take down... just like in GTA!


The truck looks like a Freightliner with an eight-wheel tray body. A standard shipping container with an open top, which appears to be empty, is mounted on the back. The trucker appeared to try and ditch the container at least once.

As of 5:50 PM EST

The driver had made one narrow escape from a gas station, but finally got pinned when he pulled into second one near Kearney Villa and Miramar roads in Riverside County. Cops took the driver into custody and determined the truck had indeed been stolen.