Holy Crap This Guy Just Escaped A Final Destination-Style Death

Watch the right side of your screen. Just the right side. Do it. JUST WATCH.

In the movie Final Destination, which I found to be pretty bad, but somehow a million sequels were made, people are just constantly killed by all sorts of random and sudden occurrences after a plane crash or whatever. It's all very complicated. People just die from electrical wiring, drowning, maybe there was an axe? I can't remember. It wasn't very good, it was fictional, and you don't really need to know more than that.

But this poor guy in Russia basically just lived a whole big part of the film. There he was, just walking along, minding his own business, in Russia, like ya do, when a crane came crashing down. Like, right nearly on top of him. He almost died in a second.

But such is life in Russia. One minute you're walking along, the next minute you're killed by a falling crane. Oh well. It's all very Dostoyevsky-ish.

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