Holy Crap The 2015 Mazda Miata Might Debut Sooner Than We Ever Thought

There is no better thing in the world than the Mazda Miata. Nothing. Not Christmas. Not sex. Not sex on Christmas. Nothing. And Mazda might be pulling the ultimate surprise and could bring the 2015 Miata to the NY Auto Show next month. Yes yes yes.

Our friends over at Autoweek say that an insider has confirmed that Mazda will show the new Miata at the NY Auto Show in three weeks as part of their 25th birthday Miata-gasm party at the show.


Originally, the new Miata was supposed to debut at the Chicago Auto Show next year, but the party for the 25th birthday might be enough to make Mazda show the car earlier than they planned.

Is this real or just some wishful thinking from Miata fans? I'm inclined to believe it's wishful thinking, but as a Miata fan I really, really hope it's true.

We'll find out soon enough.

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