One of the cooler forms of racing in the world is Super Trucks. Basically, they're high powered big rigs running around race tracks. Sounds like big fun.

And when it goes wrong, like it did over the weekend, it also goes wrong in a big way.

Brazilian Super Truck racer Diumar Bueno was practicing for the weekend's race at the Guaporé Circuit in Brazil. It was all going well.

Then his brakes failed.

He tried to scrub off speed by turning left through the grass, but it wasn't enough. He crashed head on into a wall at 119 MPH, and then flew down a 45 foot embankment. From all appearances, you'd expect him to be dead.

But no! He's not. He did break both of his legs and an arm, and is certainly in a lot of pain, but he didn't die. Racing safety surely has come a long way.

(Thanks to all y'all for the tips!)

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