Jason Bourne knows who he is now. And he still drives like we all wish we could– unleashing motorized hell on Las Vegas, chasing a Bearcat SWAT truck in a manual-shift Dodge Charger.

Despite committing the cardinal sin of repeating a clip, and also looking exactly like a movie you’ve seen before, maybe more than once, Jason Bourne will probably be pretty entertaining.

I assume I’m not the only one who measures a movie’s quality by how many vehicles blow up in the trailer, right?

Let’s see, something explodes at 01:23 and is barely dodged by a motorcycle.

Another car gets smoked at 01:28 in an intersection.

Looks like a limo crashes right into the side of that Bearcat at around 02:00 then shit gets real when the armored vehicle rolls straight through at least eight cars of stopped traffic. It’s a straight-up tidal wave of automobile!


And it’s morbidly satisfying to watch. Come on, I know you wish that could be the way you clear your path home from work– with flashing lights and a battering ram.

Looks like this movie comes out in July, and I’m sure we’ll see much more stuff go up in smoke on the big screen then.