Holiday Gift Guide: Mario Kart Slot Cars

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Though it doesn't quite have the realism or history of Gran Turismo 4, we've been addicted to the Mario Kart series for as long as we could chuck a red homing shell. We've spent countless hours unlocking tracks and cars on the digital version, which often leads to sore eyes. But what to do when you're taking a break? Why not play a slot car version of the same game? Wario v. Mario. It's a good way to keep your intricately detailed Le Mans replica track away from the kids. Chomp Chomps not included.

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The Carrera ""GO!!!"" is now available as a new starter set from Carrera in a scale of 1:43. "GO!!!" also sets new standards with regard to the speed. The turbo hand regulators included in all basic packages, all have an extra turbo key with enough power to enable you to manage 4 loops straight from the start! The track also underscores the fact that ""GO!!!"" is a perfect starter model: The completely new easy-to-fit system allows the track to be put up or taken down very easily.


Thanks to the new type of locking and support systems, the track can be constructed very quickly. Carrera fun with turbo power The new turbo hand controller is part of all basic packs and guarantees real fun. All sets come with ""Turbo speed controller"" with race boost. All sets include numerous action features like lap counter or loops. [Amazon]

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Miscellanea - back from the dead

They should have totally designed the track after one of the N64 MarioKart tracks. Rainbow Road would've been nice.