Holiday Gift Guide: Hydrogen Power Kit for your R/C Car

We're hoping to appeal to both the weekend R/C racers and the alternafuel fans on the site with this choice. Horizon Fuel Cell technologies offers a hydrogen fuel cell power supply for your R/C car that incorporates on board hydrogen fuel canisters! Even better, the kit is designed to fit in the battery compartment of the venerable Tamiya TT-01 chassis. This means we can live the dream of owning a hydrogen-powered Ford Escort Cosworth Rally Car. The kit promises top speed near 20 mph, quick acceleration and charges that last nearly an hour. It's a significant cost savings over the $600 monthly lease for the Clarity FCX. Product information below the jump:

Horizon built on its expertise in small-size fuel cell power systems to create a unique hydrogen fuel cell upgrade kit called the H-cell, designed for well-known battery powered model RC hobby cars you can buy in your local hobby store.

Designed to fit into the original 7.2V NiCad battery slot located on Tamiya TT-01 car chassis, the fuel cell power unit is designed as a futuristic power source using light emitting air cooling fans.


The new power source combines an ultra-compact air-cooled PEM fuel cell system with a scaled down fuel storage unit that includes a rack of 3 metal hydride canisters each including 10 liters of solid-state (low pressure) hydrogen gas. [Horizon Fuel Cell]

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Matt Hardigree

@mwood10: Are you saying you don't regularly spend $2000 on R/C supplies?