Let us all rise, and solemnly acknowledge the beginnings of the wagon wars. With the stroke of a key and the sending of an image, Holden has loosed a battle cry the likes of which are rarely heard. The Holden HSV Tourer will not only haul little Timmy and Sally to school in the morning, it'll haul ass all day with an LS3 V8 pumping 426 HP and 405 lb.ft. of torque out of that 6.2 liters of goodness. And just look at that garish, chav-tastic styling! We're in love. We need two tickets to paradise Australia.

That's right, although Holden may be the new Pontiac, the General has denied us this bit of sportwagon goodness. Come on Uncle Bob, build some excitement in our pants and reverse that decision on the Pontiac G8 GXP Sport Wagon. You know you want to. And you know we want to get a shot at renaming it the "Station Wagon." [WheelsMag]