Holden Fires Shots After Ford Australia Pull-Out

While Ford Australia is still struggling with putting out the fires after the news that it was in its final near-death throes, Holden, a General Motors' Australian division, is not letting up in the war of words.


The commercial above is a lot of RAH-RAH-RAH SIS-BOOM BAH AUSTRALIA (which is funny, as they feature the Space Shuttle and the Volt, which were both conceived, designed, and built in America, but whatever), but what it really is is a stark reminder to the Australian populace that Ford is shutting down its Australian lines, which includes the big rear-wheel drive V8 Falcon.

GM then proceeds to put a little salt on the wound by mentioning that the Holden VF Commodore is being exported to the US as the 2014 Chevrolet SS, which Ford never did with the Falcon.

It looks as if GM is enjoying this little tap dance, but it makes me wonder if Ford is going to do anything to stop the music. Then again, I would want to see an actual Australian-designed Holden Volt. Would probably have a V8 and RWD.

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