Hold My Beer And Watch This Supercut Of SUVs Missing Jumps

Between the cops in supercars and “hagwalah,” the Middle East sure has some interesting car culture. My favorite part is their propensity to drive way too fast over huge sand dunes, illustrated beautifully by this hilarious video.


“Schadenfreude” is the word your looking for—why it’s so sickly satisfying to watch these things crash and burn. Especially that Nazi car at 0:45. Fuck that guy.

I’m sure the factory roll cages on these high-flying SUVs were enough to protect their occupants, mostly. Sand has at least a little give, after all right?

May you live to jump again, wild Land Cruiser pilots! Maybe a little less speed next time. Or more! I don’t know. I wouldn’t put my own shocks through that kind of abuse.


rUDy Flyer 41

I tell you what, that swastika was certainly unexpected.