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You Can Hit Jumps Hard Or Slow In Baja; In Between Is A World Of Pain

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The Baja 1000 course is full of surprises, and even a careful prerun of the course can’t prepare you for every bump on the way. But if you do see a jump, you’ve got to commit and fly far or slow down enough to roll over it gently. Half-assing gets you a face full of dirt.

At least this Class 10 buggy settled on its wheels. Sounds like the driver here bravely tried to boot the throttle and get going again too, but I’m hearing a lot of revs and seeing static drive wheels.


The Alumacraft 1081 car was unfortunately not on the 2015 Baja 1000’s official finishers list, so this might have been the end of their race.

Expect the unexpected, my friends. Especially when you roll up on a crowd of particularly excited spectators.


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Tom McParland