Hit-And-Run Driver Hit By Hit-And-Runner

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Clearly, some people do not watch My Name is Earl. These people do not know that karma never looks the other way (or that El Caminos and Brats are awesome). This lesson was learned in New York by Mark Durfee, who rear-ended a car in his Explorer and fled the scene. While trying to get away his Explorer stopped running so he abandoned it and tried to cross the highway, whereby he was hit by someone in a Dodge Durango... who promptly fled the scene. He's in stable but ironic condition, with the driver of the Durango still at large.


UPDATE: We've been informed that the man actually died two weeks after the crash.

[Newsday via Gothamist]


this city REALLY sucks for this kind of stuff. i am not a violent person but i find myself nodding with smug satisfaction that karma was doled out so swiftly.

i was forced off the road into a curb once and the guy just took off, the nypd just shrugged and said they wouldn't do anything about it. it can be infuriating.