Hipster Infiltrates Nissan GT-R LM Nismo Le Mans Race Car Tests

We knew something like this would eventually happen due to Circuit of the Americas' close proximity to East Austin. The eastern half of the town is home to craft cocktails, old-timey facial hair, artisanal toilet paper, and the like. Hipsters. One such fellow apparently infiltrated Nissan's preseason LMP1 testing.

The chunky glasses. The carefully crafted handlebar mustache. Hipster sapiens may be hiding under a large Nissan jacket, but we all see the telltale signs.


"Are you sure your race suit is on tight enough? We can give Nic Jönsson's tailor a ring if you'd like."

The retro slicked-back hair is another giveaway.


Our intrepid hipster operative tries to hide his impeccably coiffed haircut with a beanie, but alas, his 'stache is more turn-of-the-century barkeep than Sgt. Dangle, and it's impossible to ignore.

Even I had to shoot the Nissan Le Mans prototype from a distance, but hipsters? Hipsters are adept at invading just about anything, including your favorite watering holes, gentrifying neighborhoods and now, top-secret Le Mans prototype tests.


"We're doing front-wheel-drive before it's cool." Uh-huh.

May Pabst Blue Ribbon have mercy on our souls.

Photo credits: Nismo

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