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We fully admit that we don't understand LA. We like it, but it intrigues and perplexes us like a hunter-killer sloth. Colette Brooks, an ad agency owner who masterminded Hollywoodwood celebs showing up at the Oscars in her corporate fleet of Priuses (Priii?), also has a thing for big American cars. Not badass machines like Firebirds, Chevelles and Road Runners, but land yachts like '70s Cadillacs. Preferably blinged out and powered by biodiesel.

Her new venture? BioBling, a service that connects conscious people with bio-ready cars and fuel to run them. We really don't know exactly what to make of this, as it seems to combine the most annoying aspects of hippie environmentalism and urban conspicuous consumption. Of course, LA's never lacked for self-conscious ostentatiousness, so this whole adventure isn't exactly a surprise. Perhaps the best course of action is to leave it for our City-of-Angels-savvy brother Defamer to sort out.


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