Bears! They're such wacky, fun-loving animals. Why just the other day one silly bear got himself stuck in a pickup truck in California, then proceeded to completely destroy the inside of it.

TV station KTLA has the scoop on the black bear who broke into a Truckee man's pickup and couldn't figure out how to get himself out of it. The bear tore up the truck's back seat, something its owner found utterly hilarious.

“At one point, he had both hands up on the steering wheel, was honking the horn with his snout,” Evan Nielsen recalled. “It was pretty amusing for a while.”

That must have been LOL-worthy for sure! The bear eventually escaped to go play its funny practical jokes on someone else when a police officer came up with the brilliant plan of opening the door to let it out.

Oh, bear. We can't wait to see where you'll party next!