TeeFury just released for sale an unbelievably cool ultra-limited edition t-shirt titled, 'Chariots Retired,' portraying our favorite TV and movie cars from the 80's including K.I.T.T., Optimus Prime, the Ghostbuster's Ecto-1, Airwolf and more.


'Chariots Retired' went on sale last night at midnight and will continue on throughout the day, so if you want an opportunity to own this killer limited edition T, you'd better get on it. This writer did.

TeeFury is a relatively new outfit started in 2008 by a bunch of graphic designers and artists interested in limited edition apparel. Their basic catch is that each t-shirt goes on sale for a single 24 hour period of time or until the first run of t-shirts sells out and then... poof! They're gone, never to be seen from again, except for the lucky group that managed to get first dibbs. And at only $9, they're cheap too.

The biggest difference between TeeFury and some of the 'other' limited edition t-shirt sellers is that rather than rely on a community vote, the designs are carefully chosen by a professional team of designers and artists, guaranteeing that the designs are of quality appearance and execution. We're hoping for some more of these 80's autogeek-gasmic Ts for us to grab in the near future. [via TeeFury]

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