Brazil Has A Super Cool Ayrton Senna F1-Themed Olympic Good Luck Video

Screencap via Vimeo
Screencap via Vimeo

Brazil may be hosting the Olympics this year, but one of their greatest sporting triumphs is in a discipline not eligible for the Olympics at all: Formula One. That doesn’t mean that Brazilians won’t use Senna’s retelling of his incredible drive from the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix as motivation to win, though.

This gorgeous animation from the Instituto Ayrton Senna, JWT and Le Cube lets Senna retell the end of the 1991 Brazilian Grand Prix in his own words. Senna infamously struggled to win at home, making this 1991 victory one of his most memorable.


Senna was so exhausted after wrestling a broken car as rain started to fall during the last laps, such that he had to be helped out of his car once the race was over, and was taken to the podium in the medical car.

[H/T WTF1]

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HIGHLY recommend the “Senna” documentary for those who haven’t seen it. Truly an amazing man who accomplish some superhuman feats without forgetting his humanity.