Higher Road Tax for Luxury Vehicles Coming to UK?

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Blighty's system of taxes for higher-emissions vehicles have some environmental activists calling for a new level of taxes for such vehicles as the blown Range Rover. Currently, vehicles fall into bands A through G. The called-for "H" band would propose and additional five-hundred quid tax, hopefully screwing up the vehicles' resale value and thus making them less attractive to well-heeld Britons. We're not entirely sure what we think. One hand, we support the idea. On the other hand it's emblematic of the massive panic about carbon-dioxide and vehicles' role in it in the UK. And well, panicking Britons are especially irksome. [What Car?]


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@harumph: As far as CO2 being a pollutant, I'm not getting into another GW debate, However, looking through my new TopGear I noticed that a 4 banger c class diesel has a hard time avoiding the 226g/km limit. This is not a punishment for they very rich, a middleclass person buying a 6 cylinder diesel or gas would be punished by this, and I doubt that a C350 does more damage to road surfaces than a C220. The form of environmentalism taking place in Europe is more of an attempt at back door socialism than a means to lessen mans impact. Also, I respect both past and present Britain but I find it funny that they think that they can have any impact on the environment in either way. One Chinese power plant probably emits more CO2 than London and Birmingham combined.