High Speed Chase Video Is Sure To Make You Long For The Autobahn

While a video of a modified BMW 135i chasing down a Porsche 997 Turbo at speeds in excess of 175 mph on a public roadway would be cause for condemnation and legal action in this country, it's business as usual on one of the unrestricted sections of the German Autobahn.


According to GTspirit, where we found this video, this footage of a 400 horsepower BMW doing its best to keep up with a turbo P-car was taken on a speed limitless section of the highway near the Nürburgring. It doesn't take much reflection on the idea of a legal triple digit drive on the way to take a €26 lap round the 'ring to understand why Germany refers to itself as an Autofahrernation (nation of drivers).

Whenever we see a video like this after years of nervously watching for police officers while traveling at less than half the speeds shown in this video on the highway we're reminded of our massive Autobahn jealousy. We know unlimited speed on the open road will never come to this country and it would likely be disastrous if it did, but that doesn't mean we'll stop wishing it would.

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An unlimited speed section in america could easily work provided we had 3- 4 lanes on each side of the road (one for each 40-70 mph bump in speed), a catch fence, ample emergency lanes, nothing to stop at for miles, and a big toll booth at each end that puts a big sticker on your car saying which lane you should stick in.

Yellow for the first two lanes if you top out at about 120

Blue for the third lane if you top out at about 160

and Red for the final lane where only supercars should run.

not to mention all the little legalities

basically it could work, but first bureaucracy, bureaucracy, bureaucracy, red tape