High-Performance Volvo Polestar Will Be Australia's Coolest Cop Car

Volvo is giving one of their sexy superfast Polestar S60 smurfmobiles to the police in New South Wales, Australia to scare speeders into submission. It certainly wears the blue-and-white checkers of Aussie PD well!


Cops Down Under got an S60 T5 last year, but the 345 horsepower Polestar version is a solid upgrade. Meanwhile Polestar developer Robert Dahlgren said he never even expected to send one of the cars to Australia, let alone supply one to the government.

Officers from the Rose Bay Local Area Command who are taking charge of the vehicle say they're planning on using it for "promotional purposes" to start, but part of me hopes the Polestar will get a chance to stretch its legs on some kind of high-speed chase through Perisher Valley.

Images: Polestar

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