This is Jerry Garrett. Jerry was a contributor to the New York Times out at the LA Auto Show, and in addition to his coverage in the dirty ink and paper world, he's also pioneering Times Autos invasion of YouTube. In addition to Jerry's little orgasmic roundup above of the size-envious show, he also spent some time checking out the Giugiaro mustang (which he thinks has headlights which "scream Camaro!") and Honda's FCX concept car. But it's the above video which draws our attention — where Jerry, displaying a hindsight less than 20/20, misreports a blizzard in Detroit (at around 1:10 into the video). Apparently the record high temperatures and rain were a figment of my imagination.

The New York Times Gets Irreverent: VW Tiguan Highlights "Friends With Benefits" Relationship Between Automakers [internal]