Hey, what are you doing this afternoon? Here’s what Raphael Orlove is doing this afternoon.



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So today at lunch time I stop by the Jaguar dealer to pick up a part for my project car, an electrically challenged ‘97 XK8 coupe. A beautiful blonde woman, picking up her brand new, lovely F-type convertible smiles at me. You can’t afford either of us, she seems to be saying. I climb back in my Ford Econoline and head back to work. I open Jalopnik. Orlove is driving the Alfa 4C, a car that I saw the first time in person just a couple weeks ago. Magnificent. Also, can not afford. I still have a beautiful Jaguar. It doesn’t run yet. Life is poking me with a stick this afternoon. I’m not ungrateful. Yet I can’t get over the feeling that Life is saying, your glass is indeed half full. But that’s all the water you are getting.