Oh wait, it's just a toy. Even after the recent barrage of hydrogen fuel cell commercials from the biggies, you want to know who the real winner is? Corgi. Corgi is the manufacturer of the H2GO, a remote-control hydrogen fuel cell car. Maybe the big boy manufacturers should take a hint or two from Corgi‚ÄĒits product isn't too shabby, especially the refueling options.

Included with Corgi is a refueling station. Fill up the station with water and it will split H2O into H and O and fill up the RC car with the H. The station is completely solar-powered, as well. Oh, and see that button of the left side of the remote? Yeah, it's a turbo button. Let's see you do that, FCX Clarity. The H2GO is available for $250. [Corgi via Giz]