Hey, It's An El Camaromino!

SEMA has some pretty good treats this year, like this Camaro Ute. It's quite clearly based on the Holden VE Ute that GM keeps teasing the non-Australian world with but with a slightly tweaked Camaro front end. The body is all Holden from the windshield back, and the official name is "Holden8er."

Personally, this car should be called an "Inverted Mullet" to commemorate that storied haircut's long association with the Camaro, and the fact that a UTE like this essentially follows the Mullet's fundamental rule, only reversed: Party In Front, Business In Back.


Naming aside, it's no secret that I long for a small pickup to be sold once again on US soil, so I'm a fan. Besides, that hood window showing the Magnuson supercharger is pretty fun. This was built by Bernt Karlsson, so I wouldn't get too hopeful that GM will be announcing something like this any time soon.

Though I'm never crazy about gigantic lids for truck beds, I guess I can see the point of it on something like this, which could have as much as, oh, 700 HP. That's probably more than enough to blow the folding chairs and lumber out of the bed and all over the highway.

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