Hey! Buy a Daytona Spyder!

Ol' Bill Harrah was a man of many franks and beans. Or beans and franks. Or Ferraris. Let's just say Ferraris. Way back when Harrah decided he liked the Daytona Spyder displayed at Frankfurt so much, he commissioned Enzo & Co. to build him one just like it. White with a red stripe. Delivered to his Modern Classic Motors dealership, Harrah used it as his own personal runabout for a bit (presumably replaced by the Berlinetta Boxer that Harrah traded in for the fully-awesome 365 GTB that beat a helicopter from Reno to Tahoe) and then sold it to Dr. Jack Frost.


Since Frost held a dealer's license as well, the car has never been titled, theoretically allowing the purchaser to pick up a brand-new '71 Daytona Spyder with an interesting history. The eBay bidding is over, having failed to meet reserve but we'd expect either a relist or an appearance at Pebble Beach in the car's future.

Rare Low Mileage 1971 Ferrari Daytona Spyder 365 GTB/4 [eBay via Autoblog]

Bill Harrah, 1; Igor Sikorsky, 0 [Internal]

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