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As we make our way through some of the more interesting cars at the recent 24 Hours of LeMons race, we find a few machines that never really contended, yet inspired maniacal rooting straight from our underdog-loving hearts. This included a couple of game-but-outclassed Tercels, several trouble-plagued RX-7s (including one run by our friends over at Autoblog), and a scattering of big ol' Detroit barges. This '75 Buick Century, dubbed the "Brown Hornet" (which made for some confusion, since there was an actual AMC Hornet on the track), was in the latter group.


The Brown Hornet wasn't exactly a corner-gripping slot car on the track, but it was reliable and could take a lot of abuse (the image at top shows it plowing over a tractor tire at high speed, the sort of mishap that would have sent your typical import limping straight to the pits but which the Buick shrugged off like an annoying speed bump). Maybe we'll see this car at the next race, this time fitted out with a pre-smog 455 and bigger swaybars. We can only hope.

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