Hero Parks Lamborghini On London's Tower Bridge, Predictably Gets Towed

The Lamborghini Countach is the most obnoxious of all the obnoxious cars ever created. So to truly put the icing on the obnoxious cake, you have to do something that will supremely annoy all the local peasantry, in their commoner's cars. Like parking it right on London's iconic Tower Bridge.

Oh, and you gotta do it not in an actual Lamborghini Countach, but in a Lamborghini Countach replica, which is what this one very may well be. At least that is what Lamborghini Countach owner, pal of Jalopnik, founder of Evo, and current man-about Jaguar/Land Rover Harry Metcalfe told us when we asked him about some of the details on this car.


I like to imagine that the driver of this car popped out in a cloud of powder that matches his Snow White Lamborghini and their Snow White jumpsuit, covered in nothing but the finest of sequins and rhinestones. Just going about their day, knowing that they've just secured the finest parking spot in existence, blissfully unaware of all the stickers rapidly being slapped on it by the cops and pissing off everyone in existence.

Everyone here is so, so angry, in the most British way possible, and I love it.

UPDATE: Thanks to reader phuzz, we now know that our hero was, well, not so much a hero. After abandoning it there when he ran out of gas, because Lamborghini, cops traced the plate and found he was wanted on a charge of harassment. He was arrested.



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