Every now and then, the 24 Hours of LeMons forums will remind me that the magical online wonderland known as Race Image exists. Race Image is where the extra gear from various American race teams ends up for sale. This week, they've got a whole set of earplugs from NASCAR driver Kevin Harvick.

Yes. Earplugs. "Race Used" earplugs.

Race Image is a weird hybrid between a memorabilia and a gear site, and it's a popular source for LeMons racers to pick up really nice pink flamingo-embroidered racing suits and crazy thousand-dollar professional one-pump Brunnhoelzl jacks for far less than they would be new. Most of their gear comes from NASCAR teams, although CORE Autosport just sent over a bunch of Prototype Challenge extras. Likewise, there's a bunch of amusing oddities that sneak into the mix. Nextel Series wine, anyone?


But alas, I'm not sure if I'd want to reuse something that potentially comes with Kevin Harvick's earwax, nor would I recommend using Jolie Kerr's advice to clean that earwax off. That's valuable Harvick earwax, man! 2014 Sprint Cup championship winning earwax! No, these appear to be custom-molded to Harvick's ears, so unless your ears are the exact same shape, using these is probably a no-go.

The earplugs are cross-listed in several categories, including memorabilia, and described as such:

You want RARE AND UNIQUE? How about a pair of Kevin's actual race used ear plugs? We'll bet your friends don't have these!


No, I don't think they do. My friends have enough trouble keeping track of their own various earpieces to the point where I've started hoarding extra headsets. Never mind the upcoming A&E intervention for my apartment. This is your one true chance to own a chunk of Sprint Cup superstar Kevin Harvick's ear goo!

Okay, they have six of them, including these fancier ear phones that come complete with documentation.


This is one of six chances to own some of Stewart-Haas Racing driver Kevin Harvick's ear gunk!

Photo credit: Getty Images (top), Race Image (others)


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