Here's Why Yesterday's Fatal LeMons Crash Is So Hard To Believe

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Something that really jumped out at everyone upon arrival in the Altamont pits yesterday morning was the incredible themes some- in fact, most- teams applied to their cars and costumes. Your typical art-car gathering -with its plastic army men glued to 80s GM G-bodies- would be put to shame by the decor on the race cars and drivers that we saw assembled at this race. Even previous LeMons events couldn't compare. How could anything bad happen at such a gathering? Sure, such a sentiment doesn't have very solid logic behind it- yes, racing can be dangerous- but when you see teams with themes as elaborate as the Eyesore Pimps (formerly known as Eyesore Racing), the tendency is to feel that the risk doesn't apply. All of us are going to show up at the track today and try to regain some of the sense of absurdity that we know and love about this event; will keep you posted.

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Rob Emslie

Wow. I go away for a while and when I get a moment to poke my head in, I find out that somebody has wrecked and died at LeMons. That sucks and my condolences to the driver's family.

No matter what you do - from walking down the street to driving a car of questionable lineage around a racetrack - there is some danger involved, and I hope that the driver who lost his life was having the time of his life up until when the accident occurred.

I remember when the Irwindale Speedway opened 10 years ago. It was designed from the ground up to be an incredibly safe track, for both racers and spectators. All that effort was moot when, on opening night, a driver died in a freak accident at the pit entrance. Since then there have been about 6 deaths at Irwindale, none of which could have been foreseen or prevented due to track design. It's a dangerous sport, but as mentioned earlier, life doesn't provide any safe harbor from danger and meeting one's maker doing something you enjoy is always preferable to to going out at your desk at work or stuck in traffic.