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Here's When You Say You Will (Or Won't) Embrace Self-Driving Taxis

Illustration for article titled Heres When You Say You Will (Or Wont) Embrace Self-Driving Taxis

Yesterday, we asked you just what it would take for you to step inside a self-driving taxi, which, whether we like it or not, are probably our future, even if that future may still be some years away. Your responses varied from the not-under-any-circumstances to full-on embrace.


My own take? I will be first in line to ride in a self-driving taxi, at least once. YOLO.

First, The Inevitable Total Recall Reference (The Devil Drives a Mustang (Rotary Pending)) 

You could see this coming.


What About Interconnectivity? (Clay_T)

Our only means of communicating for too long has been your horn and middle finger.


Time, Just More Time (Son of the Mustard Tiger)


This is, I suspect, what a lot of people think.

A Checklist Of Cab Complaints From Time Immemorial (DamnTheNoise)


Self-Driving Taxis? No! Self-Driving Cars? Yes! (Go Hang a Salami, I’m a Lasagna Hog)


I, too, wonder if people’s attitudes towards self-driving cars might soften if it means that when they’re 85 they can still, at will, go where they want.

Never! I Mean Never (Garland)


An Interesting Question (WhiskeySnob)

On the Trolley Problem, to which there is no good answer:


Booze (Scelestus)

Speaking for many:

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Aaron Wright

What about hacking? Wouldn’t it suck to step into a box with no controls, have the doors lock behind you, and be kidnapped right off the street? I can see fraudulent or compromised autonomous taxis leading to all kinds of trouble.