Here's What Litchfield's Toyota GR Yaris Tune Delivers In A Drag Race Against Its Weaker Self

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Photo: Litchfield

Everybody loves the Toyota GR Yaris, the new rally-inspired all-wheel-drive hot hatchback available with a six-speed manual and a three-cylinder engine making 269 horsepower. That car is good, but tuning-company Litchfield pitches that it could be better with its 300-HP tune package. Perhaps a drag race between the two cars can prove if it’s worth it.

Mat Watson over on the Carwow YouTube channel got both a stock UK-spec Toyota GR Yaris alongside a Litchfield-tuned GR Yaris on the same stretch of tarmac long enough for a drag race. Let’s see if there’s even a valuable difference to discuss:

Unfortunately for all of us, both cars are black and nearly identical, so what becomes something of a close finish is less visually distinct and satisfying for such a close race, but oh well. Ultimately, to no real surprise, the Litchfield-tuned Yaris wins out in multiple attempts. But the question was always going to be if it was convincing enough to be worth the cost.


The cost of the package as tested by Carwow comes to just £644, or just over roughly $890. That covers the plug-and-play ECU tune box that boosts power up to 300 HP and 290 lb-ft of torque and the ITG performance air filter, which are available separately. Not featured in the video is Litchfield’s available Nitron suspension kit that costs over £2,394 more.

I’d say the tune is definitely worth it for less than $1,000, considering it’s also Bluetooth enabled and, according to Litchfield, able to be installed or uninstalled in ten minutes or less. It also just appears to be a satisfying experiential boost as well, at least when Mr. Watson manages to launch the car properly.


When the GR Yaris was finally revealed last year, I and some colleagues at another automotive publication discussed how we’d have to coordinate to not all get the same color when we jump to buy the hatchback if it ever becomes available for sale stateside. In that situation, I could definitely see us all secretly exploring a tune like this, just to make sure we’re keeping each other on our toes. Pulling off a surprise tune like that would be, well, priceless.