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Here's What It's Like To Race A Motorcycle Up Tight Stairs and Sidewalks

I'm sure there are some steps or sidewalks in your city you've walked thinking; "it would be so cool to tear that up on a dirt bike." Here's what it's like to live out that fantasy, in an "off-road race" that looks like a James Bond chase scene.


You're riding here on the helmet of enduro racer Andreas Lettenbichler at the Red Bull "Enduro Extreme XL." It's a "steeple-chase" style urban off-road race that sends bikes all over Lagares, Portugal, on "trails" that motorized vehicles have no business being on.

Looks like the most fun and stressful three-minutes of motorcycling I've seen in a long time.


Hat tip to Will!

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Holy balls! Why am I breathing hard lol Dayum!

Move camera guy !!!!!!!