Here's What Happens When Your Camaro Gets Sideways At 195 MPH

Aftermath. (Image: CAMONLYC6Z/YouTube)
Aftermath. (Image: CAMONLYC6Z/YouTube)

Weeks ago a fellow known as Nacho was driving a twin turbocharged LSX-powered Chevy Camaro on a closed runway at close to 200 mph. Something caught, or maybe something let go, and then all hell broke loose. As did the car.

The video of the wreck from inside the car doesn’t give a clear account of exactly what transpired. It’s just violence and noise as the car as gets airborne and then repeatedly bashed into the ground. The clip is a little disturbing, especially as the unconscious passenger slumps in his harness.

The person in the front seat was airlifted to a hospital, but incredibly deemed himself well enough to go racing in his own car the next day according to a drone pilot I talked to who shot this aerial footage of the incident. (I’m no doctor, but I think that was a bad idea.) At least everybody made it out.

Both driver and passenger are okay now (update: I originally thought there was a person in the back seat too), but the vehicle itself looks like it’s been inside a washing machine. Surely the overboosted engine will have another home, as you can see it’s already been extracted from the Camaro husk here.


Here’s one last little clip, with some driver commentary.

What can we learn? Be sure that your helmet is strapped tight, particularly when you get in a car with Nacho.

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I mentioned this in a facebook post the other night when this cropped up.

This could have ended with at least one of these guys in a bag.

Passenger without fire suit and the harness is loose, almost lost his left arm bracing it against the roof, no chute for a car that’s almost trapping 200 in the 1/2 mile. Trying to brake at that speed on what almost looks like bigs and littles. No aero work, just straight punching a 5th gen brick through the air. So many points of failure.

Really glad they made it out okay, but damn.

Also, it was just two people in the car. Not three. That third guy that opened the passenger door was the one who burned off on them on the motorcycle.