Here's What Happens If You Keep Driving When Your Car Loses A Wheel

This isn't "dragging an exhaust pipe," or even "driving on a flat tire." The front-right tire of this tired old Chrysler 300M is completely absent, and the wheel itself has been ground down to the shape of the letter D. Yet the driver presses on. And on. How could you possible reckon this is a reasonable idea?!


As seen on Animal New York, the solid commentary on this video is pretty funny in its own right and almost makes up for the fact that it was shot in portrait mode (almost). I won't make you skip to the end for the thrilling conclusion: the driver eventually comes to a halt and is surrounded by cops.

But not before the car car slides all over town shooting sparks like a runaway parade float, and puts a few new lines in the road. I can't imagine the conversation with those cops would be very pleasant after wreaking this kind of idiocy in their jurisdiction.


Hat tip to Bucky!

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