Here's What A Corvette Looks Like After 700,000 Miles

Images: Larry Tallis/YouTube
Images: Larry Tallis/YouTube

Last year, owner Mark claimed to have racked up 650,000 miles on his 2000 Chevrolet Corvette. Since then, we’ve started wondering just how far this car would go, and as of June 2016 the original owner of this original-engine 5 appears to be close to 710,000 miles!

The updates Mark has offered up are pretty concise, stating only that his car is on its first engine and second transmission. Though if anyone reading has the Carfax app, Florida plate “770NRT” might yield a little more history!


The video he posted back in 2015 when he crested 650,000 miles includes a quick clip of the exhaust note which sounds a little rough to me, but perhaps one of our C5 fanatic readers can diagnose the engine’s condition more astutely.

Regardless, three times the distance to the moon is impressive mileage to put on anything. I can’t even imagine how many hours of seat time he would have had to invest to hit over 40,000 miles a year!

And while poor camera quality might be hiding imperfections in the paint, I can’t get over how clean that engine bay is. Save for a few leaves in the vents (don’t you hate those?) this thing looks fresh as toothpaste.

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Roll on, Mark.


Hat tip to Flavien, CorvetteForum!

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He should drive it to every Corvette club meeting and watch all those diaper rubbing chucklefucks have a heart attack that a Corvette has more than four numbers displayed on the odometer.