Good news; if you liked the style of the current BMW 4 Series you’re going to love the new look of the facelifted 2018 model, because you probably wont even notice a difference on the street.

Jokes aside, BMW basically looked at the bottom of the snout on the M2 and grafted it onto the 4 Series range—except for the Convertible, which keeps that weird dogbone styling cue.



There are some other small updates, like stiffer suspension on the Coupe and Gran Goupe, an optional updated navigation system, and new standard LED headlights and taillights.


Oh also, there are 31 different variants of the 4 Series, which is itself a variant of the 3 Series. That’s almost enough flavors to start an ice cream franchise. All of them will be available in March.

4 Series Coupe
Gran Coupe
Gran Coupe