Here's The Teaser For The All-New Season Of Top Gear

Take heart, Top Gear fans both overjoyed and disappointed with the Patagonia special, for it is not the end of the show as we know it. There's a whole big season not just to finish, but to start. And there might be a giraffe. Maybe.

Spoilers ahead, but you probably figured as much by now.

While the teaser does say that the Be-Helmeted One was just on vacation, we've heard that the newest season (or series, as the toffs in Britain call it) features far-flung travels not just to the aforementioned region of Argentina, but also to Canada in a Hennessey (nice), a race across St. Petersburg in Russia (nice), and something in Italy, which I'm sure is just awful because really who likes Italy, with all of its beauty, culture, and food.


Oh, and of course, the final TG verdict on the McLaren P1 versus the Porsche 918.

Shouldn't be too bad, then.

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